Minggu, 10 April 2011

How to Avoid The Viruses

Viruses which attacks our personal computer is mostly the problem of using computers. Actually we can avoid them by using the stronger anti viruses such as Avira, Norton, Mc Afee, Kaspersky, and many others. But it is not good enough if we do not know the right steps to avoid the viruses. Firstly, if we want to plug in a flash disk, do not ever open the flash disk with the windows explore because it will be the easy way of the viruses to spread and influence your personal computer. So the right thing to do is to scan it with the antivirus and wait until the scan is finished. Secondly, for the backup to secure the viruses we have to have a local antivirus such as, PC Media, SMADAV, ARTAV, or avatar because we realize that the viruses are not only from the outsiders but also from insiders, local viruses. Thirdly, if we want to search some information by Internet, you will need some anti viruses to make sure you do not get some viruses which enter your personal computer. Microsoft windows already has the software to block the malware or bug in Internet. You have to activate the firewall application if you use the Internet. The final step is not to forget to always update your anti viruses. Viruses can easily harm your personal computer if you are not aware of them. But if you do these steps, I guarantee that your personal computer will be safe.       

Reza Agniwantinno

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