Minggu, 10 April 2011

How to make Es Kopyor

Let us make Es kopyor as a drink when we have a lunch time. It is a good idea to make that kind of drink. Firstly, prepare the water about 1680 ml on the casserole. Then pour one wrapper of nutrijel, two wrappers of swallow jelly and sugar as you want into the casserole. We are going to make Es kopyor with an orange flavor, so do not forget to put the orange essence into the casserole. Now, mingle them till the color becomes an orange. Next heat the water. Meanwhile, make the syrup as the sauce for the jelly. The step is like how to make an usual drink from the syrup as the sauce for the jelly. After we make the sauce, we have to prepare the cold water to produce the jelly. For the cold water, we use ice cube. Just  lay the ice into water that we have prepared. Let us go back to the jelly. After the jelly is boiled, take it with soup spoon then place it into the cold water. It will be automatically frozen and becomes the jelly with orange flavor. Wait about five minutes. The final step is to take the jelly from the cold water and put it into the sauce. You can add nata de coco if you delight it. Now the drink is ready to serve.

Reza Agniwantino

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