Minggu, 10 April 2011

My Room at Boarding House

When I was in senior high school, my favorite place was my bedroom at boarding house. I love it because it was like my house. The room was not large, it was about 3 x 4 metres. My room, was painted with white color, that was the reason why I felt comfortable when I was in there. If we came into the room through the door, firstly we will see the bed under the window, from which the wind blows hard so the room will be windy and full of fresh air. Next to the door was the cupboard , besides I used to keep my clothes, I also keep my books on there. Nearby the cupboard was the table, it was kind of aged table but still tough to used. The special thing from my room was I looked across the window in the morning. I saw the sunrise and the ray came up into the room, it made me infatuated with my room. My roommate and the landlord were nice to me. So I feel like a fabulous experience and full of atmosphere when I stayed in that boarding house.

Reza Agniwantino

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