Senin, 14 Februari 2011

Hiking Mountain

Hiking mountain is hard, but the view is great. Besides you do need a hard effort to reach the top. Actually there are many advantages that you will get by doing this activity, especially for young people. First if you keep moving, you will keep healthy. Hiking mountain will strengthen your bones. It will make you be a good looking also, because it makes your body become firm. Another advantage you will get is to build a leadership and brave characteristic. We all know that hiking mountain has big risks, such as getting lost or even die. You cannot depend your life safety on the other people. You can reach the top or not depends on yourself. So if you can cope your fear about those risks, a brave and leadership characteristic will be built. Hiking mountain also makes you aware about global warming, loves nature, and makes green environment. So if hiking mountain has those useful advantages, why do not you start to try it?

Yuan Sebastian

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