Senin, 21 Februari 2011

The Useful Technology of Mobilephone

Mobile phone is a simple tool to help a human activity. This is a kind of a useful technology. Now, a lot of people use this thing in their daily activities. As a result of technology, mobile phone gives us many advantages. First, connecting us to other people outside is the most important profit that we get. We can communicate with our relatives, friends, and colleges without meeting them. We do not spend our money to go there. Second, mobile phone has some good services, for example, we can make a call or just send a message to know the condition of our relatives, or we can make a video call to show the real situation with our relatives at the moment in their areas. Third, mobile phone gives us many entertainments, such as games, music track, Internet services, camera, and also video. We can enjoy with mobile phone. So far, mobile phone is a good thing for us to help our activities.

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