Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Joyful Time in Childhood

Childhood is a time when children are in the average ages of five up to ten. In my opinion, most of children tend to spend their time to have daily activities that make them happy. That happiness comes because they do not have serious problems, they have much time to play and everything that they need is available. Firstly, they do not have serious problems. It means they do not think about money, love and difficult lessons. They are allowed to have money from their parents as their parents are like a Bank. It is place to make money, right? They are also too young to think about love with different sex. They only share their love for their family and their friends. They spend their time at school to enjoy their friendship and they do not think about the complicated lessons like in a Junior or Senior High School seriously. Secondly, they have a lot of time to play either at home or at school. They have many kinds of games to play. For the example, in a rainy season they like to play chasing each other without thinking that they will get fever after that. The only thing that they know is “We are happy”. Thirdly, everything that they need is available. They just need to ask their parents to buy something that they want. From my own experience, when I was child, I asked my parents to buy “Barbie” doll and they just give it to me. It is easy, is not it? They always fulfilled everything that I wanted. So, from the above reasons, we know that being children is a gorgeous time in your life. It is full of happiness and cheeriness that will happen once in your life.

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