Senin, 21 Februari 2011

The Negative Effects of Internet

Internet is very useful for us. Nowadays Internet is not a strange word again. Almost people have known certainly what the meaning and the use of Internet is. It has given us an ease in our life, especially for people's work. However it also gives us many negative effects. The first is “Cyber Sexual Addiction”, that is obsession to look for, download, or even commercialize pornography. It is not an unusual thing again if we talk the Internet has given many negative effects for children, because it is easy for them to imitate and apply what they have looked from Internet in their habitual actions. This effects is certainly not good for them as underage person. The second is “Cyber Relational Addiction”, that is too much addicted by something which makes us be related with other people by Internet, such as FB, Twitter, Friendster, and many more other Social Net Workings. It is not good for them because if they are addicted too much about it, they will never know how to learn socializing with the others in the real life. The third is “ Net Gaming”, that is an addiction caused by gambling or playing a game which causes some troubles on your work and even it can cause some debt sometimes. All of them can not be underestimated, especially for children. The effects are not impossible to be able to influence or give bad habit for children. By looking at the truth, I expect that we should be wiser in taking the good effects from the use of Internet. Beware and take care of our children, especially from the negative effects.

Indra Yudianto

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