Senin, 21 Februari 2011


Nowadays technology has brought a lot of changes to our life, especially in education and communication. In communication, the major changes happen in the way we communicate with other people. We do not need to meet them in person or face to face to say what is in our mind. We simply can phone them or do video chat using Internet connection. In the past, we spent a long time to travel to a distant place, but now we just need hours or even minutes to go there using the latest technology in a form of transportation means. In education, the changes have brought advantages to students and teachers. For instance, students can do their homework or assignment faster because using Internet. The teachers also get some advantages from it. They can combine their teaching skill with it and produce some interesting materials to teach like colorful slides to deliver the lesson and animation to show how things happen. In conclusion, technology itself has given us advantages to improve our life’s quality.

Yudianto Rachwono

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