Senin, 28 Februari 2011

Spend Your Holiday with Hiking

Most of people like to do the exercise, especially sport. But in this case I am going to explain the extreme sports, such as karate, climbing, hiking, rafting, and caving. Lately, the most popular extreme sports however is hiking. Why hiking ? there are two reasons. First, people say that hiking is more fascinating than the other sports like karate, climbing, hiking, rafting, and caving. Second, it does not need the expensive cost on that and it does not need a lot of equipments. We just need a carrier bag to bring our stuff including matrass and sleeping bag if we are want to camp for one or two nights. Besides, if we want to do the hiking we have to prepare our physic and mental. So we are prepared for the worst thing. Hiking is a such a good idea if you want to spend your holiday and I promise it will full of atmosphere.

Reza Agniwantinno P.P

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