Kamis, 03 Maret 2011


Since years, fashion has been a part of lifestyle. People tend to follow the latest fashion trend in order to mingle with society. Even sometimes an individual is judged from their fashion taste, or simply we say, their style. A style represent what kind of person one is and in what kind of group they belong to. How? Well, we can say that someone belongs to the edgy group or others, by looking at their outfits; their shoes, their dress, their hairpiece and so on. For example, if we see someone wearing a pencil skirt, a stripped shirt, a bold belt and a pointed high-heels, we can conclude that the person is a determined person and a perfectionist, and belongs to the career-woman group. Another example, when we see someone wearing layers-by-layers outfit and putting shocking colors on some of their outfits, we can say that the person in an expressive person and loves to do experiments in their style and belongs to Korean fashion style mixed with Japanese style. From those two examples we surely can see that different styles represent different kind of persons and groups.

Masithoh Azzahro Lutfiasari

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