Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Bromo Mountain

Bromo Mountain is a heaven of the world, one of the most beautiful places. It is located in Ngadasari village, Sukapura Subdistrict, Probolinggo Regency. It is still very natural. There is no pollution in most areas. The air is still clean and you can feel the air is cool when it comes into your nose, your throat, and your lungs. It is certainly good for us to breathe. We can also see many kinds of vegetables planted by natives, such as cabbage, carrot, potato, corn and many more. Even we can also find many strawberry gardens which are owned by natives on the way to go to Bromo mountain. We can harvest it right away or just buy and take it home. It can make us feel like in our dream land. From Pananjakan we can see sunrise and it is one of the best places in the world for being able to see sunrise. The scenery is certainly very amazing. You can feel like you are in the clouds. There are many visitors going there, willing to feel a cold, awaking in the early morning and taking journey to Pananjakan just to see the wonderful scenery from the top of it. It also has a unique event called Kasada on Kasada month 14-15 (the 10Th month according on Javanese calendar), which is celebrated by natives (Tengger ethnic) to give thanks to God for their harvest by putting many kinds of their harvests on Bromo's crater. It is very exciting event. I think it is rather difficult to find the thanks giving event like Kasada, because it is only held in Bromo. All of those are very interesting and entertaining to refresh our mind from any kind of life problems. That is why it is not wrong for us to call Bromo as a heaven of the world, one of the most beautiful places which is exciting to visit.


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