Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

How To Make A Fried Rice

Fried rice is very common around us and around the world. In Fact, there are ways of how to serve a fried rice. Things that you are going to need is easily to get. Ingredients such as white or green onion, fresh vegetables, eggs, shrimp/tofu, white and soy sauce. For the frying, have a frying pan to fry the rice and other ingredients. First of all, put a tablespoon of oil on the frying pan and place the frying pan over a medium heat of the stove. Put the things such as white onion, shrimp and vegetables such cabbages on the frying pan until they are cooked. Stir the frying pan gently but make sure they all mixed and just wait they are cooked. You might want to add some soy sauce for some more flavor. After they are all cooked, put your cooked white rice and mix them all together. Stir them once again nicely until you can see the orange and reddish color. Once they are cooked, you can just enjoy it.


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