Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

A family restaurant

When I was 19, I worked in a restaurant. It is a family restaurant in the middle of my home town. This restaurant is divided into two parts; the kitchen and the dining area. The kitchen is a busy place. It looks like a market because you can smell spices and hear so many noises. It is a chaotic place especially in dinner time. Even though it is chaotic, I always love being there, because I can see my colleagues working using a set of stoves which installed against the wall, operating a huge oven next to the stoves to bake the meals, mixing some ingredients to make delicious drink. But what makes me happy to be there is the storage room. This room is a place where we put the raw ingredients (except the meat and fish). It is like a room full of treasures, because we put jars of spices side by side on huge furnished wooden shelves. Under the shelves there are wooden crates full of vegetables, fruits, and canned food. I love the smell and I love the warmth. It is a heaven for me. The other part is the dining area. This is where I work. There are two pickup counters in front of the oval salad bar. The cashier is on the left side of one of the pickup counters and right in front of the cashier, there is a long wooden chair for waiting the take-out orders. For those who would like to have dine-in dinner, they can sit either in smoking area which located on the right side of the salad bar or the spacious and comfortable non smoking area which takes place half of the dining area. Many families come to this restaurant because of not only the environment, but also the delicious meals that we served. It is a famous restaurant in the town.

Yudianto Rachwono

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