Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

How To Make Klepon

Do you know how to make klepon? Klepon is a traditional food from East Java, the shape is like ball and its taste is sweet. It will be interesting if  you make it by your self. Don’t forget to prepare the ingredients first before you make klepon, they are 1,5 cups powder, ¾ warm water, 2-3 drops green food coloring, 8 tsp. Grated java sugar, and a cup fresh grated coconut (mixed with  ½ tsp. Salt). After you already have the ingredients you can start to make klepon. First, mix the rice powder with warm water and green food coloring firmly with flexible dough. Then shape the dough with your hand or pull of one full teaspoon of it and shape it into a small ball. After shaping into a ball, push a finger into the center of the ball to make a hole and put approximately ½ tsp. Of the grated sugar. Then, seal and roll it back into the ball shape with your palm’s hand. Next, prepare all of the balls and set them neatly. After that prepare a pot half filled with water and bring it to a boil. Then, drop the balls into boiling water carefully until they float to the water surface. The last is, to make klepon more perfect, roll the balls in the grated coconut to make it more yummy. Now you are ready to enjoy your klepon with good taste.


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