Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

My Hometown

I was born in a local hospital located in a pretty much an outcast village, part of Magetan Regency. At that time, I thought Magetan was a nice-good looking, full of peace and of course a wonderful place. The air was actually suitable for the living things. In fact, there were many trees surrounded, organized like soldiers who were about to march for a ceremony in a war and forever standing with roots full of muscles from west to east of the Regency. These trees were what make the air more suitable for us to live, especially these trees were planted and put aside with such colorful farms plants and fancy-traditional construction of houses. Tons of colorful flowers, many kind of trees were planted with such flavour smell. The stream of river on the side roads, roared but gently flew following the miles, between the farms and houses made the perfect combination of natural environment with the modern construction of houses and roads. These were what made the air very fresh, the pollution were invisible by the beauty and the "Angelness" sight-seeing in the regency of my hometown, Magetan.


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