Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

Variousity in Comics

Everybody loves comic. Children, teenagers, or adults love reading it. But do we know the types ofcomic we read? In general, comic is divided into two groups. The simple one iscomic sheet and the other one is comic book. The comic sheet has only one page. This type usually tells about humor, editorial, or politics. The pictures are always in cartoon or caricature. Usually it contains 3-6 panels or more. Comic sheet commonly found in newspapers or magazines. How about comic book? Comic book is calles as a short story comic. Sometimes it has 32 pages or more. It contains pictures, advertisements, and stories. Comic book is divided into two small groups. The first one is an ordinary comic book. This comis is not too big and not too wide, made of good-quality paper, and the appearance is good. The second is a magazine comic book. It is wider and bigger than the previous one. It contains 48-64 pages or more. In other words, the magazine comic book has longer story than the ordinary comic book. So, since comics are various,we should know well about comics we usually read.

Rifqy Baharudin

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