Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

My sister

On my age now, as I get more mature I realize that I have someone who always stands beside me, she is my only sister. Her name is Vieka. On her age of 25 years she becomes an independent woman. I really admire her for her spirit. She does not give up and keep on trying if she has problems. She never asks for help to someone if the problems are easy to solve. But if it is really hard to solve she will ask help to someone. The other thing that makes me admire her, she never ask anything to our parents. She always supports her life by her self since she has a job. Actually she is a hard worker. She never delays her work. She will do her work completely and I never know her to complain about her job. She is my best teacher, someone who is able to guide my life. I thank God that  I have a sister like her.


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