Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Nina Andiastari

It has been for three years and a half that she and I have made such a wonderful relationsip. First time I saw her, I was amazed, un-denying her beauty and wonderful individual. Her hair laid like the flow of a fine river, slightly or maybe rather smoothly moveable without a doubt. I could see her from the Great Britain, It was one of the most beautiful hair ever grown. I didn't have the fear to look at her amazing face. I thought she was not at a mood of feeling happy, rather like feeling unconcious for the day which had gotten harder. The face was pale but from somewhere I couldn't tell, she woke me up, opened widely my blinded-folded eyes, wandering as if it were lost at my stared. Both eyes roled smoothly and combined with a small but chubby cheeks, made me gone wildly imagining she was mine and brought me some heavenly sight-seeng that last forever. The nose was the last I could recognize its beauty, it filled with a rubbery jelly. One that I would never let go if she were mine, I thought. Those amazing appearances were just what I wanted.


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