Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Agnes Monica and Cinta Laura

Most of people in Indonesia know Agnes Monica and Cinta Laura as  well. They are very famous. Agnes Monica and Cinta Laura have many differences in their physical appearances, behaviours, or their favorite things. But, nobody knows that both of them have similarities in their career. Agnes Monica and Cinta Laura are singers. They began their career as a young singer. The first Agnes Monica’s song is Si Meong and the first Cinta Laura’s song is Baby. They have good voices. Besides, they have good looking and always dance in every performance. They are very talented as an entertainer. They are also well known as an actress. They have already done many soap operas. The first soap opera acted by Agnes Monica was “Pernikahan Dini” and “Cinderella” was the first soap opera of Cinta Laura. In addition, they are smart women. They have an ability to talk in English very well when they were interviewed by reporters. Now, they are going to develop their own career in an International level. They are featuring with international singers, for example, Agnes Monica with Keith Martin and Cinta Laura with Australian singer, Guy Sebastian. Another similarity is that they are very respectful and always follow social actions to help somebody who wants helps, for example, they always help victims in disasters, give contribution in orphanage and so on. So, we can say that, Agnes Monica and Cinta Laura have similarities in their career as a singer and an actress. Besides, their social actions are inspiring to some people outside to help somebody else. 


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