Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Yudi and Rifky

It has been about one year that I have same classes with Yudi and Rifky. Those two people are very common in many ways.
First, if you look at them, right away you will notice that physically they have the same amount of weight. They are kind of fat. Their stomach are both big and their cheeks are chubby. The hands are also big and he neck too. Second, their English are good and perhaps sort of fluent to American English. The way they talk are very easy to understood. The pronunciation is perfect for me. They both use easy words that we, as the second speaker of English, can easily recognize it. In spite of their fluently of speaking English, they like to skip classes whenever they like to. They skip classes many times, especially for the class that they don't like. However, they are actually smart. They answer questions when they are being asked by lectures. They do homework although mostly they just copy the work from friends. Finally, the las thing I recognize from them is that they are at making jokes. Anything that they talk about always make me laugh to death. The way they use and mix English with Bahasa Indonesia is just very good in the use of jokes. Basically they have many similarities and I supposed those similarities are in good ways.

M. Afif Amirul Mukminin

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