Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

True Friend Came by Accidently Just To Say A "Hello"

Friend, for me was not just a kind of a person who could keep you being accompanied. I found it was difficult to find just a single friend. I had people who accompanied me, but they were all nothing. Friend, in my thought, was that who can reach where your soul lies. There was a slight difference between true friend or not. My experience was kind of funny. When I was in my 8th grade, one of my friends gave me a phone number of his friend. I was very happy because I got a new number just right after I got my cellphone. So, I contacted the number and I found out her name was Paskah, lived in Kediri. Paskah was in 11th grade, which it was way higher than me, but I didn't care. It was pretty funny actually, having a long distance friend whom I had never seen her before and much older than me. She understood me very well and did not even complain about me that always contacted her and for our big GAP in ages. Days go by and we got closer. She introduced me to her mother and I had no idea why she would do that and why I agreed to her. It was not like I wanted to be her boyfriend or anything like that, in fact, I felt comfortable as long as she replied my sms which she always did. We texted for reminding daily activities and some poems about friendaship. We were very close that I had the idea of calling her as my sister and she would call me as her brother. However, we had been friend for three years and nothing did changed, however, we got closer and that was just perfect. Three years at that time, we had been together in a long distance friendship. After she graduated from high school, she moved to Malang to enter a college. The same as me but in different year, I moved to Malang to continue my high school. For such a long time, we finally met at her place. Things were just getting better and much better. We hung out together to places and just had fun. After a six years friendship, we decided to go on our own lives. Something between us was missing, but it didn't matter. We still needed each other and we still texted each other. Friendship that I could never regret was the fact that we lost contact. She was jut the one I needed.

M. Afif Amirul Mukminin

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