Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Air Pollution

Air pollution is a common problem in our country. Air pollution comes from dangerous chemical substances which spread in the air, for example, carbon monoxide, CFC, carbon dioxide, hydro carbon, sulfur dioxide, etc. Those substances are produced by human activities such as the using of vehicles which produce smokes causing the air pollution and factory activities such as producing the tires and fake animal skin which use fuels and machine that trigger the air pollution. However, most people are lack of attention to this problem. Even, they do not care that air pollution can be very dangerous for the human health and our environment. How to solve this problem then? There are some solutions to overcome this problem. The first solution is that we must begin reducing the air pollution from ourselves. Lets do the go green. We can start it by planting the plants like flowers or trees in our house. Next, we can make a community to do the go green in some places such as school, city park and forest. Plants can reduce the air pollution by producing the oxygen which is very important for human life to breathe. Plants can also absorb the carbon dioxide by their leaves. Plants do the photosyntesis that occurs in the leaves. They need the carbon dioxide, that is why they absorb the carbon dioxide and of course plants help us to reduce the air pollution. The second solution is that the government should give clear rules for the industries which use fuels and machine causing the air pollution. The first rule is that the industries should change the fuels and machine with the new one that is more eco-friendly for the environment. For example, the industries can use the fuel cells which gain energy from hydrogen. The fuel cells are more eco-friendly because the waste is water. The industries can also use the solar cells for the machine as the electrical energy. Fuel cells and solar cells are the renewed technology which save for the environment. The second rule is that the government should restrict the ownership of vehicles for each family. Nowadays, there are many families who have more than one car or motorcycle. The big number of vehicles can increase the air pollution by their smokes. So the government should give a strick rule, “each family should have one car and one motorcycle”. If the number of vehicles is decreasing, it makes the amount of the air pollution decrease too. From those solutions, we expect to save our environment from the air pollution. We can not vanish the air pollution but we can reduce it with those solutions. So lets start it now.

Rara Zukhrufy

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