Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

My favourite café, Oasis

My favourite place to refresh my mind is a big café called “Oasis” in my town. This café is on central side of shopping complex. It has size 5x10 m, not too big, but it has two floors. Before you go in, there is a big glass door between two big glass windows. The colour of front wall is soft grey, so nice if you look in front of this café with minimalist architecture. If you go inside, there are many small plastic chairs and circle tables around the café. In every corner of the room, there is a big vase of “Gelombang Cinta” flowers which make it more attractive. Although, it is a big place, it becomes comfortable with classical songs that are always played on everytime. The unique one from this café is the style of colouring the wall. The colours of the wall are yellow, orange, white, red, blue, and green painted in a line system, combined with blue and white ceiling. The room looks more beautiful with white china. If you go to second floor, there are no more different things. But, you feel cosier because there are five big glass windows. From there, you can see the crowded situation of people’s activities outside. Oasis café makes us feel like we do not want to go anywhere because there is air conditioning (AC). I usually go there with my friends, just talking and relaxing with a glass of melon juice and snack. It is enough to refresh my mind in Oasis café and I ready to continue my activity later.


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