Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Living in a small village and a city

Most people want to live happily with their family in comfortable places. Some of them prefer to live in a small village to a city. But, some of them say the opposite. They are many differences between living in a small village and living in a city. If we choose to live in a small village, we can find comfortable places or we can enjoy the beautiful scenery from fields, mountains, lakes, and rivers that we cannot find them in the city. Besides, we can feel so quiet with the situation and there is no pollution from public transportation or factories, so, we can breath fresh air. In a small village, there are no noises and the important thing is that we cannot find any traffic jam over the small village. We can go anywhere easily. In contrary, if we choose to live in a city, we can find a noisier sound, very dangerous pollution and crowded situation in everyside of the city. But, living in a city is very helpful, because we can find more jobs in high salaries than jibs in a small village. In the city, there are various equipments, we can find everything we want, such as foods, clothes, cars, and many others completely and easily. So, we san say that, living in a small village and a city has many differences in term of the situation, the air condition, and the ability to find something, like jobs or some equipments.


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