Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan

Who does not know Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan? Both of them are great badminton players. But, I am not quite sure that you know some similarities between them. First of all, both are badminton players with a lot of achievements. They have ever been in the first rank of badminton players, according to BWF (Badminton World federation). Not only that they have already won some bona fide tournament, such as, All England, Olympic, and World Cup. Probably they are the most brilliant badminton players in this decade. Next, both of them are left-handed. They like to play badminton with their left hand in every tournament rather than with their right hand. They said that their left hand is more powerful to do jumping smash than with their right hand. Therefore, they are well-known with their jumping smash, which is very deadly to their enemies. The last similarity is both of them are down to earth. They donate some money to the Tsunami victims in Japan. Also, recently Lee Chong Wei has donated his money to the autism clinic in Malaysia. He really takes care of children, because he thinks that children are the next generation to lead the world. So, the value that we can learn from both figures are their hard working and big heart which are inspiring many people all over the world.

Juan Sebastian

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