Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Facebook Vs. Twitter

Facebook and twitter are free service sites of social networking, facebook has been used by the public since september 2006, while twitter since October 2006. The different services between them in my opinion are as follows. First, the interface or twitter is simpler that is not too interesting for some people. While facebook, there are many kinds of applications that make facebook more interesting and attractive such as games, post card, survey, etc. Another thing is that twitter is focused on the microblogging ( a blog is a type of website, usually it is made by an individual with reguler entries comentary, description of events such as graphics or videos). The blog is limited only for 140 caracter. Second, for facebook besides it could be for microblogging, it is also an interesting social networking to comunicate each other. With facebook we can use the chating tab to make communications with our friends which are online at the some time. The last is an “ a symmetric “ model which is about how twitter currenly works. With twitter, if you want to make a friend we just send a friend request and automatically he/she becomes our friends without a need to ask for a permission from them. So we could “ follow “ some artists in twitter easily. While facebook has always used a “symetric “ model in which each time we add someone as a friend he/she has to add us as a friend as well. Although both services are basically the same, but they have advantages and disadvantages. So it depends on our needs.

Shinta Diah Wulandari

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