Kamis, 05 Mei 2011


It was Saturday night when my band  scheduled to show at Kanjuruan University. But, the weather was not good at all. It was raining all day long. And i was so scared, because i thought somethings went wrong but i still kept moving. So, at 5 p.m i went to venue , and once again i was worried that i could not be there. While i drove my motor , i saw raining storm in front of me/ so i stopped riding my motor and looked for shelter. And , i was so bored because i had been waiting for 15 minutes to do nothing. Besides , my band’s mates were still calling me. I just got stuck in the moment. But, how lucky i was, the show was cancelled. Then , i spent my lonely night all alone and i felt like really – really stuck in the moment. After i had waited for 1 hour, the rain stopped. I got home and straight  to take a bed. And what i got from this experience is not to go alone,because anything is possible to happen. Just stick together with your team.

Raymond Diaz

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