Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Playing at the River

My mother had some activities which forbid me to do. One of them is playing at the river. But, I once did it whit my friend when I was an elementary school student. At first, I made sure that my mother was not at home. I remembered that she went to the market. She had asked me to follow her, but I refused it. When my mother was gone, I took my clothes and came to my friend’s house, Susi, soon. Then Susi and I went to the river near her house. When we arrived at the river, we took a banana’s tree. We cut and used it as a boat. Another thing we did was looking for fish and colecting them in a plastic. I though we had played for long time. I was afraid my mother at home already. So, we decided to go home. On the way home, we saw some mangos in our neighbor’s garden. We slote one and ate it. The mango was sour because it was not ripe. When I arrrrive at home, I was my clotshes and took bath. At 11.30 my mother went home. I fell safe at the moment. But she asked me why I changad my clothes and she found wet clothes hung behind the bathroom. Finally I say the turth and she was angry to me. At night, I got toothace. My father had to give something warm onmy cheeck. I though it because I ate a sour mango. After that time, I never do something without permission.

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