Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Jupe and Depe

The similarities of Julia Peres (Jupe) and Dewi Persik (Depe) are both are Dangdut singers, Film actrees, Sinetron actress, and edvertisement stars. Jupe is beautiful and has a sexy body and Depe does too. Both of them are quite popular and phenomenal actresses because of their stage actions. When they perform, they always wear sensational and seductive style clothes to expose their body, such as, sack dress, tube top, hot pant, mini skirt, etc. Both of them are often forbidden by MUI, for example to show in South Sumatra. Jupe and Depe have ever been in a controversial gossip because of their seductive style. Jupe got a controversial gossip, her album Kamasutra which has a single titled “ Belah Duren” got a prohibition from MUI because this album got condoms bonus. This news makes Jupe cannot show in same places, such as NTB and Balik Papan. The Minister of Woman’s Empowerment Meulita Hatta said that what Jupe’s did are supporting the free sex. For Depe, because of their her seductive style, she got a sexual abuse from her fanatic fans after her show. Depe then hit the man who grabbed on her body. Another similarity between Jupe and Depe is that they often play in horror movies. Jupe plays in some films, such as Beranak Dalam Kubur, Susahnya Jadi Perawan, Hantu Jamu Gendong, Sumpah Ini Pocong, Kuntilanak Kamar Mayat, etc. Depe’s films are Tali Pocong Perawan, Mati Kemaren(TIREN), Setan Budeg, Susuk Pocong, Paku Kuntilanak, etc. The most interesting thing is that they play together in a film Arwah Goyang Karawang. The last similarity between them is about their lives. Jupe is a widow and so is Depe. Although Jupe and Depe often make sensational and controversial gossips. I think they are multitalented artists.

Shinta Diah Wulandari

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