Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011


Keeping your body healtly is important in your life to do your daily business. Besides eating healthy food and do exercise, sleeping well also plays good role for your helth. Sleeping well influence your brain to thing and feeling when you wake up. But, some people get difficult to sleep or it si common to say insomnia. It is because they get pressure or problem from their environment. What can you do if you get insomnia? Here are the some ways to slove it. You ca do your routine activities bavore sleeping like drinking warm milk or chocolate and taking a warm bath. Warm and chocolate help you reduce your emotion and make your feeling calmer. If it does not work, you can come out and take walk to look for fresh air. Finding new world help you refresh your mind. Another way is dong relaxation or meditation for 15 minutes to relax your brain and body. But, if you get painful in your head, it is better to take sleeping pill and it has to base on doctor’s prescriptin. Taking high dose of pill is dangerous for your body because you will no be able to stop taking it. So, keeping your emotion down helps you get sleep well.

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