Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Senior High School and College

Nowadays, it is hard to find a proper job. Unemployed is always increased every year. There is no guarantee, the higher education will give an ease to get a job. It depends on ourselves. But by continueing our education to a college university, it will help us to get a proper job more easily. Our readiness to do a job will be better than when we only graduate from a senior high school. In a college, the students are demanded to have a better independency than the students who study in a senior high school. The college students have to manage their own lesson schedules by themselves and they are  the senior high school students. They cannot manage their own lesson schedule. They also cannot choose the teachers. All of them are managed by their teacher’s decision. The students in a senior high school have to cometo the class from Monday to Saturday. While the college students have to come to the class from Monday to Friday, and it can be less depending on their own lesson schedule. The teachers in a senior high school are usually more caring than the lecturers, the teachers in a college university. The teachers usually have a better attention to their students about the attendance and the school grades of their students. So as a college student, we should pay better attention to our education for our own better future, a better future in getting a proper job.

Indra Yudianto

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  1. As it is true that by graduating college can make us more independent, I think it still depends on the school and the student themselves. Senior high school programs like the ones from PNTC Colleges could surely be of great help.