Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011


Nowadays, there are many environment problems. These problems consist of land problems, water problems, and air problems. One of the main sources of these problems is rubbish. The volume of rubbish is increasing. We can find many types of rubbish everytimes and everywhere. Commonly, rubbish consists of residue of foods, plastics, leaves, and many others. This rubbish comes from many ways, such as, houses, schools, factories, and so on, including every person. Today, we can produce 1200 ton rubbish/ day. If we cannot minimize production of rubbish, day by day, the level of rubbish will be over limit and make some disasters, for example, floods, landslides, extinction of animals and others. In order to solve these problems, first, we can reduce our paper use by using both sides of the paper when we print out our job and write a letter. Second, we must minimize the using of plastic bag. We have to reuse our old plastic bag at home, because plastic is one of the difficult things to decompose. We must try to think that if we go to the market one month with our old plastic bag, we can imagine how many plastics cannot be rubbish. The last is that we can recycle our own useless things to be something useful. For example, we can make something with our papers to be cover of our books, draft of Paragraph Writing tasks or to write notes. Therefore, the three R, reduce, reuse and recycle is a good way to decrease the volume of rubbish. 


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