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Obesity is related to human health condition in which he or she becomes too fat. If you are in this kind of condition and do not concern with it, you are in a big problem then. Gradually it will ruin your life, because obesity can cause so many diseases like heart attack, diabetes, respiratory, etc. here are some solutions to solve this problem. First, you can start by controlling your food. You must eat three times a day in a proper portion, not too much and not too less. Then you must eat it on time. The frequency of your meal could be five hours or more, for instance, you can eat your breakfast at 7, lunch at 12, and dinner at 6 p.m. Also you must concern with your food quality. Stay away from junk food, like burger, hot dog, coke, and every fried food. You may eat that kind of food but just once a week. It is better if you eat boiled or roasted food. The next is to work out. It does not need a hard work out. You can do cardio, like, jogging, walking, or swimming. You must do exercises at least three times a week in the morning or in the afternoon. It will burn the fat that stuck in your body. The last is to do those activities intensively will help you to stay alive.

Juan Sebastian

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