Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

A Brainstorm

Brainstorm is the negative kind of brainwash, a method or a way which is used to change our perception or to lead the way of thinking to have the same idea in interpretation about something by infiltrating an information or idea to our brain. A brainwash is a useful method if it is used for positive aims, such as to develop our confidence, to increase or build spirit of war, etc. But it will be negative if it is used for negative aims such as for an activity which has a reason for religion like “jihad” for example. Brainmstorm is one of the biggest issues which Indonesian people have been talking about recently. It cannot be underestimated because it has caused many victims, especially for young moslems. The victims are able to allow themselves to accomplish their aim for the holy war because they think they will get heaven as an exchange of the activity. Whereas the truth of the idealism is not still able to be proven. It is really difficult for us to annihilate their activity. But there are some ways or solutions to avoid the influence of brainstorm. First, we do not believe too much to strangers. We have to be aware to the strangers if they try to give a strange attention for us. Second, we should be overminded in thinking. We ought to reduce our egoism, not to think in radical ways. Islam is a religion which loves peace. Third, we had better think the impacts of the activity. Whether it will give us bad impacts or not. Whether the activity will harm us, our family and other people or not. If there are many disadvantages that occur which can be caused by the idealism, we have to it. Fourth, we had better get the truth of the idealism. We can try to look for the truth from Qur’an, books, ask to ustadz or someone who has enough capability about that. Jihad is actually holy war in Islam. But it is not radicalism. “Dakwah” is one of the best ways to do jihad in a country which has many religions like Indonesia. Beware and try to think more often about new idealism which we might get. Avoid regretness about our noble death, so that it will not be wasted.

Indra Yudianto

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