Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Schooler and College Student

Being a student is not cool as it always been. You are being told by lectures and teachers to do works that, I am pretty sure, you do not feel like to do them. I can not tell which one is better, being a student in school or in college. First thing you can easily recognize, in schools, you have to wear uniforms. These uniforms have the same colors. However, certain uniforms are worn only on certain days. It is the wearing of the uniforms one being scheduled. Whenever you do not wear the proper uniforms as what has been scheduled, you going to be asked why and if you do not have the right reason, you are going to be in trouble. It is very different when you are in college. In college, you do not have uniforms. You may wear clothes as vary as you want, however, you may wear a very different clothes to other. The only thing that counts is the politeness of the clothes. You may wear whatever kind of clothes you want but it must be the polite one. Second contrast from schools and in college is the amount of work you must do. In schools, teachers do not give as much homework as you would be in the college. Schoolers have many classes to take and such short time for holidays and to do the works. It is very contrast when you are in college. In college, you do not have many classes as you are in school. You must do many works when you are in college, because you have few classes to take. There are more holidays you will have than you are in schools, lectures tend to give many works because of that. Basically the contrasts are easily to be seen, lectures are easy going people and teachers tend to be be more serious towards the students education.

M. Afif Amirul Mukminin

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