Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

My Lovely Sister

I am third daughter in my family. I have one old brother and sister. But now, I am very enthusiastic to describe my old sister. Because, I think she is my best friend. My sister named  Evi Dwi. I like my sister because she is helpful person. She always helps me if I need it. Besides, she is good listener too. She always listen my problems, gives me advices and also helps me to solve my problems. If we have free time, usually we spent our times to talk about my stories and also her life experiences. While I am hungry, she always cooks me some delicious foods, such as fried rice or soup. Not only that, my sister is a kind person. She always respects to each other. Sometimes, she makes me laugh with her jokes. She is hard worker, this is the main point from her. Her behavior can be my inspiration to get the future. Those are why I love my sister very much.  


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