Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

The Bad Effects of Television for Children

Children always imitate the things that they hear and they see. Ironically, children in this modern era prefer watching TV to playing outside with their friends. So they will imitate everything on TV regardless of whether it is right or wrong. But the problem is that there are so many uneducative TV programs nowadays. Let’s start from the soap opera. It is just a trash. Generally, its story is too dramatic, for example, the villain really means to his enemy. Even sometimes the villain tried to kill his enemy. It is really not good at all. The TV company must not show that kind of TV program. Second, all children love to watch cartoon. But, nowadays cartoons contain harm and photography, for instance, “Naruto” and “One Piece”. They contain a lot of fight and pornography scenes. Children are obsessed with the characters in those cartoons. In Indonesia there are some children fighting just because they want to act like what they see in cartoon. Next, adult programs must be shown in the night hours when the children have slept. It contains a lot of adult scenes like, kissing, making out, and other pornography scenes. It is not good for children mental development. So, in case of unwanted things, parents must accompany their children when they watch TV. It will make their children see the TV programs that are suitable for their age.

Juan Sebastian

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