Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Valentine Day

People have known that valentine day is annual commemoration for love held on February 14. A lot of  people celebrate a valentine day to express their deepest love to their friends, family and their couple. They are not only christian but also moslem people. But actually moslem people should not celebrate it because of three reasons. First of all, valentine day is celebrated to remind the death of priest Valentine. He was sentenced to dead by the emperor Claudius II because priest Valentine performed marriages for young lovers in secret. It is ok for the christian people if they want to celebrate it. It is one of the way to remember the priest. But for moslem people, they should not celebrate it because in Islam, there is no valentine day. However, there is still some moslem people celebrate the valentine day to appreciate other people. The second reason, is that valentine day will waste a lot of money. For the moslem people who celebrate the valentine day have to buy some stuff like chocolates, candies, flowers and T-shirt. They have to give the stuff for their couple, friends and family because that is the tradition of  valentine day. In my opinion, they will spend a lot of money for the stuff. So if they want to save their money, they should not celebrate it. The third reason is that they could still show their love without celebrating the valentine day. They can show their love everyday. Because showing love is not limited by time and place. If they celebrate the valentine day, it means they only have love on that day and there is no love on the other days. All in all, valentine day should not be celebrated it by the moslem people. Besides it is not allowed in Islam, it also wastes money. We can show our love everyday, right?

Rara Zukhrufy

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