Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

The Untaken Care Environment

World is like a living thing that is just like us or even animals. It is very important for us to know and admit that we live on Earth and in one condition where we need each other's attention in order to live peacefully. What has been happening around us, throughout the world, is that human kinds do not take care of the environments, in which it would be so much troublesome of the balance is not even. All these mess are most likely caused by human that do not give a good feedback to the environment where these environment actually naturally just give away what the human need. Human kind cut down trees illegally just to make a wider are so that they ca have more buildings in order to make life more convenient and easier, according to them. Human kinds build more and more factories that produce so much gasses that harm the environment, however, according to those builders in this era, we can not afford to waste any times thinking about "saving Earth" whereas, according to them, world has became modern. All of those mentioned above are very true, but one thing we should always remember though, trees and all around us such as the environments are connected and have an enormous effect to our daily life activities, therefore, we all must be in balanced. Plantations make the air cooler, and the better air we consume, the better life spend we will have. These trees and plants are the "filters" for the good air and oxygen we inhale. Environment give us enough stock of needs for our daily life. We should have more social community activities explaining and describing what are actually need. We must make a better future for our children and give so much appreciations to the world for letting us to live peacefully with the gifts of being as "filters".

M. Afif Amirul Mukminin

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