Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Briptu Norman Kamaru, The Indonesian’s Syah Rukh Khan

Nowadays, the name of Syah Rukh Khan and Briptu Norman Kamaru are not strange again to Indonesian people. The name of Briptu Norman became popular after he did video lipsing of Hindi song in You-Tube. Norman who is an ordinary policeman from Gorontalo, suddenly becomes very popular, as popular as Syah Rukh Khan, a Bollywood artist in India. Both of them are good in dancing. In the video, Briptu Norman was able to dance like the way of Syah Rukh Khan’s dance in the Hindi song which entitles “Chaiya-Chaiya”. Norman also has a good voice, as melodious as Syah Rukh Khan’s. It is proven by his performance to sing the Hindi song, Chaiya-Chaiya in some TV stations, such as RCTI, SCTV, TransTV, TVOne, Trans7 and many more other TV stations. Almost all the audiances are cheered up by his performance and almost all of them sing and dance along with him. Both, Syah Rukh Khan and Briptu Norman Kamaru have a wonderful talent about Hindi song and the dance. It is not easy either to sing a Hindi song or to show a dance in the style of Hindi. We should not blame his act act as a bad act of a policeman, but we should be proud and appreciate his wonderful talent.

Indra Yudianto

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