Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

The Effect of Social Network

Today, there are many ways to communicate to each other outside. High technology tools appear to help us to communicate easily and quickly. The newest communication tool is a social network in which we can make friends by it, for example, Face book or Twitter. There, we just show our own picture with our personal identity and we can add someone who wants to be our friend easily. However, do you ever think that social network makes more problems for children? There are some reasons to keep away social network from children. First, the social network is available for adults. So, the features are only for adults and do not fix with children environment. It makes a bad lesson to their mental development. Second, there are many criminal actions, such as deception, robbing, violence and so on. Sometimes, children become a victim of the criminal actions. Besides, children can imitate these things in their social life. Third, connecting to social network web needs more money. Therefore, children use their own pocket money to connect if their parents do not give them. Actually, they get some bad habits to spend their money to something useless. Fourth, the important reason is social network can disturb their main duty as a child, like studying or helping their parents. Children usually lose their concentration and are lazy to study. They prefer to connect social network than studying. Thus, social network is a bad thing for children, because it makes more problems.  


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