Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Early Marriage

Marrying has been an issue to the young people nowadays. Many young people got married at such early age, and I think it just fine. Marrying is your right to do. As a human being, we have a complete control of what we are desired to do as long as the activities are not making other people injured. Early marriage gives you a long time of a relationship with a full right of what you will do with you bride or bridegroom. You will have a longer time to spend with him/her. Early marriage is also the solution for those people who are no longer able to control their lust towards males or females. Especially in Islam, marriage is a way of controlling ourselves. I think this reason is not just suggested to the muslim people. There are actually some considerations for us to think about whether we want to get married at early age. Young people tend to put their emotion in the first place, rather than just be patient and think straightly. I think you will not possibly organize your family if you put your emotion first. You also need to have a strong mental just in case there are some unpredictable things happen to you and your family. I think those kind of things are only yourself whom known it well, not people around you. So, as long as you are ready and know the consequences, just get married.

M. Afif Amirul Mukminin

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