Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

My Exciting Holiday

My unforgottable holiday was when I visited Jogjakarta. It was about a year ago we had a school holiday. Firstly, my best friends and I did not know where to spend our holiday. So, we tried to discuss to go some places that made us have some fun. Then, after a long discussion about the place, we all agreed to visit Jogjakarta. So, we prepared all the things that we needed for it, such as; checking our motorcycle and buying some snacks. The following day, in the sunny Sunday morning we started our trip to go to Jogjakarta. It just took about two hours from my hometown, Ngawi, by motorcycle. After two hours long driving, finally we arrived at the first destination, Borobudur temple. We were amazed with this tremendous temple. Also we wondered how come the ancient people could build this gigantic temple without any modern tools. Then we climbed this temple up to the top. It was really exhausting. But when we reached the top, the scenery was incredibly magnificent. We could see Prambanan temple near Borobudur and other beautiful sceneries. Beside that, we were amazed with its carvings on the wall. My friend said that it represented the wealth of Mataram kingdom, but we could not understand it. Then we took many lovely pictures there. Next, we went to our next destination, that was Parangtritis beach. But on the way, we were lost. We did not arrive at Parangtritis beach but at another beach. We all did not know the name of this beach. We did not know either how come we arrived at this beach. We thought we were in the right direction. After exploring this beach we knew the name was Depok beach, near Parangtritis beach. Then we decided to spend our holiday there. This beach was so quiet. There were only few tourists that we met. They were all from Australia. So, we agreed to practice our English ability with them. Although we stuttered and stumbled in the conversation, we could still understand the points. They said they loved this beach. This beach was still natural and less pollution. After that, we were playing on the seashore till we were tired. Then in the evening we went home. At 8.00 p.m. we arrived at home safely. I got so many beautiful experiences there.

Juan Sebastian

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