Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011


Flood is a kind of Natural Disaster which hurts or even kills people and animals. Flood can also damage houses, factories, public places, etc.There are some efforts to minimize flood. First, we must not cut down the trees in the forest illegaly, because it can cause many disasters for human beings, one of which is flood. Flood happens because the rain water cannot be absorbed by the root of plants, so the water flows directly to the ground. Second, We should plant any kinds of trees in our house, in the barren area or in the side of the road, so the water can be absorbed easily by the root of the plants. Besides, with this way we get many advatages such as to decrease air pollution and to support 'Go Green' program for Global Warming and Climate Change on our earth. The last is that we must not throw away rubbish anywhere which can disturb the flowing of the river water. For example, in Jakarta the people like to throw away the rubish anywhere such as in the river and ditch, as a result flood happens in Jakarta every year. The other flood happens in many other places like in Situ Gintung and Wasior, it is because the people like to throw away the rubbish anywhere. By doing those simple efforts, we can minimize the disasters and participate in the preservation of our environment. So, we must keep our environtment.

Shinta Diah Wulandari

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