Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

The Hardest Thing in My Life

I have an unforgettable experience when I tried to enroll to the university. I felt that it was the hardest struggle in my life. Firstly, I got an information about PMDK at State University of Malang. My Parents asked me to join that chance. So I followed it and I decided to choose English education and Mathematics education. I did not have a test for the Mathematics education. But I had to follow the test for English education a week after I got the information. In the examination, I had to do 100 items in the form of reading comprehension. I just did well for the 50 items. I got some difficulties for the other 50 items. I did not understand every single word. I was extremely sure that I could not pass this test. I had to wait three hours for the announcement. What I predicted was true. I could not find my name in the announcement put in the large boards. I felt so sad but I tried to be sincere because I still had a chance in the second choice:  Mathematics education. Soon I got an announcement about it. I was admitted in the Mathematics education. I was so happy and my family were proud of me. But suddenly, I felt uncomfortable with this major. I still wanted to reach my dream as a doctor, English lecturer, or Mathematics lecturer from the pure one. But I was admitted in the education one. So it made me confused whether I would study in Mathematics education or pure one. Because of this confussion, I still tried another chance in SMPS 1 at State University of Malang. I chose English education and English literature. But I failed again. I felt so sad and disappointed. Finally, I had to chose either Mathematics education or the other test: SNMPTN. Because the date of SNMPTN test concided with the date of PMDK’s registration, I decided to cancel the Mathematics education. It meant that I had to study hard for the SNMPTN test. I also joined a course in Neutron for two months to get more excercise in SNMPTN test. I had three choices: Medical education and pure Mathematics at Brawijaya University and English education at State University of Malang. I had to do 200 items but I could answer only 80 items. That was why, I was not sure to pass it. A month later, I could not find my name printed on the newspaper or web. I felt depressed. I just wanted to cry and do nothing. Soon my parents said that there was SMPS II at State University of Malang. I tried to get up from my sadness and took the last chance, SMPS II. I studied harder, harder and harder. I also never forgot to perform tahajjud prayers. I tried to do my best in the test. A week later, surprisingly I found my name on web. I felt happy because I could study at State University of Malang in English literature. I thanked God for the gift. From this experience, I got an value. If you want to reach your dream, never give up until your last breathe.

Rara Zukhrufy

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