Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Omes and Olga

I am not sure nobody do not know who Ananda Omes and Olga Saputra are. They are hosts in some television programs. Almost everyday you can find their faces on television. Uniquely, both of them have quite funny similarities. First, both of them are less than 30 years old. Ananda Omes is 25 years old and Olga Saputra is 28 year old. Then, both of them are still single. Omes has girl friend and Olga has not. Another similarity that most people do not notice is that they have the same first letter in their nick name that is “O” (Omes and Olga). Besides, both of them are very popular host. Olga Saputra lift up his name in Dasyat, a famous music program in RCTI, and Ananda Omes lift up his name in Indonesia Mencari Bakat, a famous multitalent program I Trans TV. At the same year, 2011, they met in Panasonic award and got tat award. Ananda Omes was chosen as the best host and Olga Saputra was chosen as the best music host. The way they make audiences interested in them is very interisting. They make jokes and funny expression. Before they become a host, they have the same historical lives. Both of them are comedians. Ananda Omes is a member of Exravaganza Program and Olga Saputra is a member of Nglenong Yuk Progarm. Those are the similarities that make a lot of people interested in them.

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