Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Coupling : The Sources of Sins

Coupling is not a kind of detachable things in adolescent’s life nowadays. It is one of the sources of sins. Islam has prohibited coupling explicitly. In Islam, the activity is kind of prohibition which is commonly classified as “zinah”. Zinah is the second big sin in Islam. There are many kinds of zinah. There are zinah by our heart, zinah by our eyes, zinah by our hands, zinah by our lips and many more kinds of zinah. But the worst kind of it is having sexual intercourse. It is the same thing with doing a sin about 80 years. In Al-Qur’an, Allah SWT has explained, “Do not you approach something which can lead you to do zinah, because actually zinah is a kind of despichable acts and a bad way.” (QS. Al-Isra’ : 32). Our prophet, Muhammad SAW disagrees with coupling either. It is not without a reasons. He said, “Do not both of you (man and woman) come together in a place, because syeitan (the prince of darkness) will be the third of you.” He means that the activity (coupling) can give an encouragement to do zinah. It is also able to make a small sin becomes a big sin. There are many common activities in coupling, such as holding, hugging, kissing, and or even more like having sexual intercourse. Holding can encourage to do hugging, hugging can encourage to do kissing, kissing can encourage to do something more or even having sexual intercourse, the real zinah. Love actually is a kind of feeling which given by God, Allah SWT. But as moslem, we should know how to respond that kind of feeling. Beware of that kind of feeling, do not let it leads us to do zinah by coupling. Avoiding to have couple is kind of obligation for us as moslem.

Indra Yudianto

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