Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Mountain and Beach

Work, study, money are resource of depression. What are you doing if you get it? You have to relax and take your time to enjoy your life. If you get bored with the tourisms in town, it time ti go back to nature. Mountain and beach can be the best choises. Both of them are beautiful. But, they give you different experience in your life. If you goo to the beach, you spend much mony than to the mountain. It is becouse you have to pay for the petrol or car if you do not drive your own car. In additin, you just sit down in the car and enjoy the scenery on the way to the beach. However, when you go to the montain, you do not need a car or motorcycle because you climb the top of the mountin on foot. It gives somethings different in your peace. Why? Because you just hear sounds of small animals. When you have arrived at the top of the mountain, you will see places like villages, towns, firms, etc. everithing looks small. Other thing that you can find in the beach but nit in the mountain are you ca find sand, ships, you ca walk in the shore and enjoy the sound of waves. Another difference between mountain and beach is that you have to bring your own food from home if you go to the mountain because you never find food seller on the top of the mountain, but you do not have to bring your own food if you go to the beach because there are many food seler there., like noodle, meatball, fish etc. if we talk about whether of course the mountain is coller than beach. So if you get depressed you can go o the mountain or beach.

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